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    Best setting for export to revver/youtube/vimeo

      I've been trying all different settings and i still haven't been able to find the combination that makes for good quality video on sites such as revver/youtube/vimeo. I've tried all types of tutes online but none seem to work for me. I know theres a youtube setting but most people seem to say this is exports too small a size.
      Any suggestions? Thanks
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          I'm not familiar with revver. YouTube is not up to the quality of Vimeo. I suggest exporting for Vimeo, using the suggested settings on the Vimeo site. Use that same file for uploading to YouTube/revver.

          To give you an example of the quality you can achieve on Vimeo, here is a clip I posted. The source material was 4:3 DV in a 16:9 SD project, encoded to 1280x720 (Vimeo HD) WMV with 2-pass unconstrained VBR with target bitrate at 5500 Mbps and audio at 128 Kbps.

          Two Cats turned Friends

          Even on YouTube it looks decent.