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    Edit Page and Design View

      Okay this could be posted for both Dreamweaver and Contribute. Basically I was wondering if there is a way to add styles that effect the page only when the page is being viewed in Design mode in Dreamweaver and or Edit Page view in Contribute.

      The reason I ask is I am working on a website that has a background image fixed at the bottom of an element that has two floats in it. I have set the parent element (div) to have a overflow: hidden so that the element will grow height wise as the two floated divs get more content.

      This works great until I go into design mode and then the overflow: hidden doesn't work and the background image of that parent element is now over behind the text of the floated elements (divs) because the parent element doesn't grow to match what is in the floated elements inside the parent.

      I hope that makes sense. I just need to be able to not display the background image in design mode.