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    error trying to capture

      I've seen several posts mention that people open premiere, click capture and get the following two errors:

      premiere pro debug event, premiere pro encountered an error

      and then the same note with

      I'm having this exact same problem with a panasonic PV Gs500. If I click ok through the two error messages I get the capture screen, but I can't control the camera from the computer and I can't capture a recording if I use the camera controls to play the tape.

      I'm on XP pro servicepack 2
      pentium D 3ghz with 3.25 ram
      currently have 280gb free on the drive
      soundblaster audigy

      I've searched all over and I just see people having the same problem, but no one finding the solution. can anyone help?
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          The problem is that none of the technically adept people on this forum are experiencing this problem, so it's next to impossible to diagnose. What troubleshooting have you done?


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            I am having the same problem can anyone help????
            Cannot seem to capture footage in premiere cs3....just gives debug error?

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Can you capture in Window Movie Maker?
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                Miles Johnston Level 1
                CS3 Capture has crashed out on me many times, so I have use 1.5, and transfer from that.
                It has happened a number of times now.

                I can set up to capture, and set up to capture on any of the other drives makes no difference.
                Using Fire wire to either the Canon XL 2, or the SONY Mini DV /DVCAM Player/recorder, or the JVC MiniDV-SVHS.
                All work in 1.5, CS3 crashes.

                Re-Installing all the software is a major bind. Will try again, after I finish this major 7 hr project

                Running XP SP2
                4G RAM
                Hyperthreading P4
                Upgrade from PP 1.5, to CS3
                using Canopus 2 and upgrade to 3
                Main, AV, and Export Drives, and a band of SCSIs for internal storage
                with a few USBs for safety.
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                  I am getting both of these errors also.

                  premiere pro debug event, premiere pro encountered an error

                  and then the same note with

                  Is there a solution or fix? am I missing something like a patch or update somehow?



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                    Eddie Lotter Level 4

                    >Is there a solution or fix? am I missing something like a patch or update somehow?

                    Since you haven't provided any details we don't know.


                    Please provide these details to help us help you.


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                      Level 1

                      im running windows vista 32bit

                      premiere cs3

                      3 gigs ram

                      320gig ata drive

                      pent core 2 quad 2.66


                      This laptop is not on the world wide web 95% of the time due to my travels. that being said I could be lacking some MS and Adobe updates/patches. I would have thought that it would work out of the box but no such luck. I have seen other people with this same error. I would think that the resolution sould be the same or vary similar. Does anyone know what the error codes mean? any help or pointing in the proper direction would help

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                        Eddie Lotter Level 4

                        You provided about 5% of the details I asked for.


                        That's okay. I'll just move along.




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                          I AM FACING THE SAME CAPTURE PROBLEM WITH THE SAME CODES POPPING UP ON MY SCREEN WHILE TRYING TO CAPTURE VIDEO FROM MY PANASONIC AG-DVX100A : ( So far i've only tried to capture in all the modes: 60i/30p/24p


                          I just purchased the HP HDX16 notebook




                        • Intel Centrino 2 Processor Technology featuring Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P7550, Nvidia GeForce GT 130M with 1 GB dedictated graphics memory
                        • 4 GB DDR2 RAM (2 Dimm) (8 GB Maximum)
                        • 500GB (5400RPM) Hard Drive (SATA), SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW with LightScribe and Double Layer Support
                        • Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition with Service Pack 1
                        • 16 inch Diagonal High Definition HP BrightView Infinity Display (1366×768)

                          I am able to capture video on Windows Movie Maker and other cheap programs that came with my laptop!! but not on Premiere Pro CS3!? I find that ridiculous : (


                          What could be the problem? My Nvidia card? OR WINDOWS VISTA?!! SHOULD I DOWNGRADE TO XP PROFESSIONAL?


                          I've spent all day today searching online and it looks like a lot of people have been reporting the same issue, however most of the post date back to THE YEAR 2007!! So I assume there has to be a patch or a solution to this problem by now (I HOPE : )




                          ALL THE HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED. Thax in advance....




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                            Lionsvic Level 1

                            Hey Steve:


                            Just wondering, did you finally find a solution to this issue?


                            I'm experiencing the same thing.


                            I hope you can help me with some solutions if you've resolved this problem...


                            Best regards,



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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              Try to capture with HDVSplit instead of with CS3. It is freeware and does a much better job than CS3.


                              While you are at it, get at least 2 eSATA 7200 disks. A single slow (5400) disk is not enough and the processor does not help either. If you are clever, only try to edit SD material. In that case (downrez in camera) try capturing with Scenalyzer.

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                                Lionsvic Level 1

                                Thax for the advise, Harm:


                                All I want to capture is Standard Definition DV...NO HD! The DVX100A only captures regular DV anyway.


                                So do you think this problem lies with my Hard Drive type?


                                So should I still get 2 eSATA disks for my PC? I just bought it so i might as well exchange it for a new one that has 2 eSATA disks.


                                Thank you again,



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                                  Lionsvic Level 1

                                  I forgot to add that I have NO PROBLEMS capturing video with other programs that were included in my notebook...so then is it possible that having 2 eSATA disks is not necessary for SD DV?



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                                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                                    For capturing your single disk will be enough, for instance with OL, but for editing you need the extra disks.