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    Premiere Pro CS3 to Avis Workflow

      Hello I wondered if you could help me...? I am shooting in Digi Beta and want to perform the offline edit in premiere pro cs3 (as i already use/have it) and the client wants to do the online edit afterwards - can anyone tell me the best way to do this?(if possible)do i have to do the simple offline edit in dv res in premiere pro cs3 and then take the master tapes and edl etc to an avid suite to finish? I have never done an offline to online edit before, all our previous edits have just been dv or HDV. Can premiere handle full res beta without compressing down to dv res? Not sure where to go as im a bit confused. If it can all be done in Premiere then that would be great as i have my suite sitting here!

      Product Version: premiere pro cs3 3.2.0
      Matrox mx tools version
      matrox rt.x2 capture card
      Nvida Quadro fx 3450/4000sdi
      dell 3007wfphc display
      jvc tm h140 crt preview
      DVD Devices Installed:
      HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-H53N (Firmware B104)
      Dell Precision PWS490 Intel Xeon Dual 5120 @1.86ghz 3.00gb RAM windows XP SP3 3TB raid storage