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    MXF files (all of a  sudden) offline

      I got up this morning to find all my MXF files offline in my Premiere projects (CS3 3.2 update). These are XDCAM HD clips copied to the system as files. The audio is still there, but I'm getting the "Media Offline" icon in the source and program viewers and the timeline picon.

      AVI clips and other file types come up normally.

      The project window shows the double arrow "offline" icos for the MXF files, but interestingly the arrows are black & white, as opposed to the normal color arrows. The clip will not relink (You can select a source, but nothing happens). "Interpert Footage" is greyed out.

      The original clip(s) can be reimported into the project and will play fine, but of course they are not placed on the timeline.

      Very wierd how this happened all of the sudden to all my projects. I've tried everything I can think of - opening up auto-save projects, importing into a new project, etc. Nothing works. HELP!!!