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    My DVD "stuttering" solution but I need info

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      My question to you is:
      Can I install ONLY Premiere 6.01 (without the MATROX RT2500)to my new PC (ASUS P5W DH DELUXE with Power color ATI RADEON X1950 Pro Extreme, CPU Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66Ghz, RAM= 4GB)? I have PPro CS3 ver 3.0 in my new PC.

      The reason I want to do this (LOL):
      I have a PPr cs3, problem with "stuttering" video in my DVDs. This occurs on the same areas, specifically when the camera was "panning".

      I have been reading for many days now, the various problems and the suggested solutions about this problem and YES I am definitely getting
      I have tried a number of my own solutions and the one I found to work is the following:

      1. I use Adobe PPRo CS3 (ver. 3.0) with all its DEFAULT SETTINGS to do ALL my editing in an internal EIDE HD.
      2. EXPORT ---> MOVIE (Microsoft AVI) to a internal HD.
      3. I transfer this AVI to and EXTERNAL HD and transfer this HD to my old PC (ASUS P4T533 2.4 GHz,) which has MATROX RT2500 and Adobe Premiere 6.01.
      4. I import the AVI made in CS3 to Premiere 6.01 TimeLine and EXPORT a NEW AVI.
      5. I then use this AVI in ULEAD DVD Workshop to burn a DVD.

      That resolves my DVD video stuttering problem...My new problem is that IT IS TOO TIME CONSUMING.

      I never had this problem with MATROX RT2500 and Premiere 6.01!!!!

      I thank you