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    Remove Text

      I'm brand new to Premiere, literally only working with it for 5 hours, and I have a little experience with photoshop 6.0, so you'll have explain things to me like I'm a baby... :p

      What I need to do is to remove some text from an existing video.

      It's not that exact video, but close enough. I need to get rid of the "Star Trek" text and all the stars of the show.

      I have no idea where to start. Any input would be appreciated.

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          Matt Petersen Level 3
          Wes, forget trying to remove the text from over the top of the starfield vision, that's just a long road to nowhere. all you'll really need to do is CUT the bits that have the credits on them.

          I'm not sure of your goal really, but if you're wanting to replace the credits with other names (say for a novelty video or whatever) I'd make/get my own starfield (a windows screensaver springs to mind) and put your new credits over the top.

          I don't know where you're showing this, but do keep in mind that sequence is (like the rest of the show) subject to copyright.

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            Level 1
            Hey Matt, thanks for the reply.

            The reason I'm doing this is for a contest at work. The company is going global and there is a contest to choose a theme for the launch.

            It doesn't need to be pretty, I just need to get the idea across. So i was hoping to be able to just replace any blue with black. Is there a quick and dirty way to do this?

            If it's chosen they will get a professional to remake the video.

            And I'm not too sure what the copyright law is when it is to be used internal to the company...