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    HD transfer from Canon XHA1 garbled content

      i dumped my mate Nick's 2-camera music gig onto the computer, Prem Pro CS3 PAL vid standard this week and have been working on it slowly. it is 33 minutes and i had gone through about 12 minutes when i noticed the two audio tracks, from the Canon XL1 StanDef cam and the Canon XHA1 HD cameras...were not sync'd.

      then as i looked forward more into the track i could see the wave forms were very very different. very. a lot.

      then as i played the SD XL1 track, it was fine, all the music, talking at the end after applause and talking at the beginning intro. no probs. bow strokes on Nick's Contrabass sync'd, no worries. so i unticked the "active" button and went to the HD track.

      the HD track played ok for the first 14 minutes then slipped out of audio video sync within itself ...and the bow movements over the strings did not match the audio. i determined it was out by half a second so i adjusted the video to match the audio. then at about 22 minutes (of the 33 minute track) the audio wave suddenly stopped STOPPED Freakin Stopped! and the INTRO audio...22 mintues earlier...appeared at the 22 minute plint in the audio track line. doo dee doo doo... the INTRO speech was all of a sudden inside the music line, but the video was still ok. it went on like this for about 7 minutes then the audio picked up where it left off at 22 mins and when the timeline marker reached its end at 33 minutes, the XL1 audio video was fine, finished like a champ, but the XHA1 HD track was still several minutes out. OUT! freakin OUT!!! and there was none of the rest of the HD music to be found anywhere.

      what the firetruck happened???????

      is HD so freakin complicated? 1080i i did. the XL1 was set on 16:9. the project was opened as a PAL DV project, 16:9. and then it blew up like above. so i opened a new project as an HD spec project, rebuilt everything and the same bloomin thing happend. galldarnit.

      is it not kosher to mix SD with HD? but that's not the problem, the HD data didn't load anywhere near like normal. AND the computer is a new build, has a clean version of Prem Pro CS3 on it, tonnes of RAM and Hard Disc space, XP Pro SP3.

      i'm annoyed. i can re-load the HD track again off the tape. but i shouldn't have to. but i will.

      is it a Computer Thing? a Prem Pro CS3 Thing? a Fairy Thing? did John McPallin cause this?

      hrumpfh. actually, this is serious, mum. the computer IS NOT on-line and has NO dirty files. i have a clean machine, Ringo.

      help in Oz
      daniel jenkins