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    No playback image.

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      Description of Problem: I don't get any playback image with Aspect 5.4 or 3.4 in Premiere CS3. It all works fine in Premiere 1.5.

      In CS3 when I put the timeline somewhere, I see the image in the playback window and I also hear the sound when I manually scrup over the timeline. However, when I hit spacebar to play back the sequence, I get the audio but no video (Just a black image). Meanwhile it all works fine in Premiere 1.5.

      I also tested CS3 with a regular DV AVI project and there I see the image on playback.

      What should I do?
      Precise Steps to Reproduce: Acquire footage through firewire and Premiere 1.5 using Aspect 3.4.

      Install Premiere CS3.

      Uninstall Aspect 3.4 and install Aspect 5.4 Trial.

      Open new Premiere CS3 project and import one of the acquired AVI files.

      Put the file on the timeline and play back with timeline using spacebar.

      In my case I get no playback picture in CS3 while I get one in Premiere 1.5.

      What should I do to get proper playback in CS3?