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    What do you suggest for YouTube?

      I currently use the H264 Quicktime codec but my 10 minute videos are being reduced to around 200mb max.

      I know YouTube now will let you upload up to 1GB of file size and so I wanted to take advantage of that and ramp up the settings so I don't compress everything so much.

      My TV224 teacher was talking about exporting from Avid yesterday and he said he always uses Sorenson 3 for his Quicktime codec and so I wanted to switch over to that for my newer videos.

      Anyone have any suggestions on what to select in Premiere's Media Encoder to get the best quality out of a 1GB limit?

      BTW I also export at 640x480 when uploading to youtube. My videos don't look too bad but they could be better as Chroma keying can look a little funny at times with all the compression.

      If anyone needs specific settings that I currently set in Media Encoder just ask and I can post them.

      Thanks for any tips and tricks

      Sonic Orb Studios