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    Can I move and Indexed Video File without having to Re-Index?

      I've ripped about thirty DVCs on my Canon XLH1 and I'm in the middle of editing a large project. Problem is: I just ran out of space on my harddrive. So I want to move the ripped video images (raw footage) to a different drive and continue editing. Problem is: I can't figure out how to move the video files without having to re-index. Re-indexing for thirty hours long video files is lengthy and glitchy which adds to the lengthiness. Thus, I would like to move the video files but have the indexing which premiere created to still hold after the move. Does anybody know if that can be done? I tried moving the video images and then before loading premiere opening the Project file and editing the XML code such that it pointed to the new position of the video files. Sadly that didn't work. (Maybe I did it wrong.) Does anybody know a way to do this?