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    Deinterlace video to prevent flickering

      I have a videoclip that flickers when converted to DV AVI. The original clip is:

      PAL 4:3
      Bottom field first

      And when i convert it to DV AVI i use exactly those settings in PPCS3 but the video then flickers on my TFT computer screen. If i choose "Deinterlace video footage" when converting, then the flicker disappears.

      The video will be burnt on a NTSC DVD in the end, and shown on old and new TV's and probably some computer screens. I cannot view the video on a regular TV at the moment (cause i don't own one) and therefor i have a few questions:

      1. Why does the flicker disappear (on my TFT screen) when choosing deinterlace?
      2. If i don't choose deinterlace, will the flicker appear on regular TV's as well?

      Hope someone can get these things straightened out for me, thanks!