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    slight delay when hitting Play

      Please help me. Every time I want to play video, there is a slight delay before the movie actually starts to play. It's only about a second, probably less, but it happens E-VE-RY TIME!! Which is thousands of times per project of course. This goes for the Source Monitor as well as for the Project Monitor. It happens with any kind of playing, also frame-by-frame. Other then that, everything works fine. I have re-installed the entire CS3 package, hired a guy to optimise the whole system, nothing works.
      In case it is not clear, what happens is: I press play (the button, space, the L-key, whatever), PP waits a sec. and then starts to play.
      Is there anybody with any ideas as I am getting desperate. Please help. Many thanks.

      Rolf Muggen, hobbyist, Windows XP SP3, PPCS3 4gB RAM, Quad Core processor, Nvidia Geforce 8600