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    Premiere Pros Title??????????????

      I do understand that all the fonts I have on my computer on my C drive should show up in the Title, but they are not for some reason.

      In Premiere I simply open up the Title, give it a saving name, click in the window to activate the drop down were all the fonts are (right under the saved name of this new title). Then I only see 36 fonts to chouse from, I have almost 100 in that folder of fonts on my C drive.

      Any idea's what's up with this?

      How do I get Premiere Title to see them? ps They are True Type fonts

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          I found fonts and Premiere titler to be very troublesome in the past. Normally it would load all the fonts on my system into titler and when I went to choose a font the Premiere would crash.

          Perhaps now titler is more selective about which fonts it accepts...?

          You could try Adobe fonts (Adobe Font Folio) which are stored in the Common directory of the the Adobe directory - these always work.