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    Slow project opening

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      Using Premiere CS3 with 8 hours of HDV files captured in HDVsplit (m2t).

      When I open the project it first looks good, then right at the end of the progress bar it slows right down and can take up to 15mins (!!!!) to load?? Happens everytime with a myriad of different configurations. Seems to be busy 'indexing' files...

      Any help would be greatly appreciated....

      4gb ram (800)
      SATA drive (100mb/s)
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          It is caused by the number of clips. With 8 1-hour clips it would open much faster. This is a drawback of using scene detection.
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            ECS_1 Level 1
            Yes I have found this when capturing interviews in small sections rather than capturing the whole interview in one.
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              Fighting Sticks Level 2
              To throw my two cents in,
              I've learnt to except this sort of time lag, for me it is a bit less though. You've just got to use this time to your advantage, get down, get ready and start, then take a five minute coffee break - that's the way to do business.
              Seriously though CS3 is a siht hot product, don't be cruel and just except that it takes the little Adobe umpa lumpa's in your hard drive a while to wind up the rubber bands. Help 'em out by making sure your system is optimised -http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb402169&sliceId=1