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    Monitor Mixer Error!

    Deaner777 Level 1
      When I try to preview my "program monitor" window, I get the following error:

      Premiere Pro has encountered and error.


      It won't play my timeline to let me preview my work! I can open seperate clips in the source monitor, but not the program monitor. What has happened? It was working fine last week Thursday!


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          Deaner777 Level 1
          I was able to get around it by copying my entire time line into a new one. Seemed to work. Anyone know why this worked??

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            I encountered the same error after installing a 0404 E-MU adio card. Whenever I use it I get the same error. As a result I have had to revert back to my olde soundblaster card. No explanation. No solution. This is another one of those Premiere bugs which Adobe will probably never address as not enough people have it. I feel very frustrated because there's simply no explanation whatsover.