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    what's happening with quality in CS3?

      Hello to all,

      I really hope someone PRO can give us a help because we are all driving crazy here.

      We use premiere for a lot of years, now using premiere pro cs 3 , we bought the full bundle.

      Our work is always some filmed scenes with our sony hdr camera, they some after efects files and then a lot of 3D animation imported as frames in .tga format.

      we edit great, etc, etc.....the nighmare is the exports. We always lost quality on exports.

      For flash, some lines seems flickering and there are little "teeths" on non ortogonal lines...it is awfull.

      If we do export to h264 the "teeth" problem disappear, so there must be a problem with flash...or the problem is "us".

      the same problem happens when exporting to WMV 1920 1080 full hd...it destroys our films completeley....again the same "teeths" on non ortognal lines........This is always in the 3D rendering sequences.....What are we doing wrong.???

      I must say that exporting to DVD makes always our films look a little blured.....why????

      help us to understand why so much bad quality is happening with cs 3. Some of those problem didn't happens in the previous premiere version.....

      we are driving crazy and considering moving to FCP2 where it seems the export options work better.