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    Issue with gotoAndPlay

      Hi all,

      Hoping someone will know the answer / solution for this issue I am having.

      I have a three MC I want to play randomly every time the flash file is executed. Along with the MC I have three buttons so the user can switch between each. On the initial start-up of the movie the first MC plays and the representative button moves above the rest, which is action scripted separately.

      I have the following code that provides me with a random number between 0 - 2:

      var myRand = random(3)

      This works find. I then have an array as shown below holding values on the frame labels.

      var myArr:Array = new Array();
      myArr[0] = "benefit";
      myArr[1] = "function";
      myArr[2] = "process";

      Again works ok. I know this because I have used the trace() function on both the array and random functions. In order to get one of the three MC to play I need to pull out the correct value from the array using the random number generated. I did this with the following code:

      var sFrame = myArr[myRand];

      Works fine!

      Now I have the correct value from the array I need to create a new variable to move the correct button. Again the value of this variable works fine as I used the trace() function to monitor it.

      var button = sFrame+"btn_mc";

      Now to the first issue I have. In order to actual move the correct button I have the following code:


      'button' is the variable name holding the value of the actual button's name, but when I test my movie the button the variable is referring to does not move.

      The next bit of code just makes all buttons inactive whilst the assigned MC plays. It also sets the currentpage and nextpage global variables, which I assume is working fine.

      functionbtn_mc.function_btn.enabled = false;
      benefitsbtn_mc.benefits_btn.enabled = false;
      processbtn_mc.process_btn.enabled = false;
      _global.currentpage = "sFrame";
      _global.nextpage = "";

      The next issue I am having is that based on random number I have generated and used to pull the name of the frame label out of my array, I cannot seem to get the movie to move to the correct frame label and play the correct MC. Frankly weird stuff happens, code is below:


      I hope I have explained this well enough if anyone needs to fla I will be happy to provide a ftp address.

      Kind regards