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    I need help to deliver the finished project to our client.

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      I can't deliver the finish project to our client and could use some help. Here is the problem:

      I edited a 30 minute show with Premiere 1.5 (and Aspect 3.4, 1440 X 1080P) with many blue and green screen keying effects. Whenever I try to export to DVD in high resolution out put I get a memory error half way through the rendering. As a result I have had to export using the low resolution option which looks awful.

      Finally, after having tried to add memory sticks (I now have 4 giga) and reinstalling Premiere on a new drive and even turning off the double monitor system I still get the memory error. My gut feeling is that this is due to the fact I shot the show in 25P and Premiere has problems converting 25P to regular Pal.

      Anyways, finally to solve the problem, I installed Premiere CS3 and Aspect 5.4 and tried opening the project. Here I ran into two problems: (1) The green screen keying effect is not recognized by CS3 (as only Premiere 1.5 does both blue and green screen Keying) and (2) there is no direct way to export to DVD.

      So I have a client who wants the finished product in quality resolution on a DVD, and I can't provide it. This is really annoying.

      If anybody can help me out on how to get the show out on DVD with a 2 pass high quality export it would be very helpful. Thank you.