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    Removing space between clips

      I often start with a single clip that contains both good and bad material. I go through the material and cut out the bad parts, leaving me with a series of clips (perhaps 100) that are separated on the timeline. Is there a fast way to crunch these clips together so that they butt up against one another? I've always used the --> select tool to select the entire row of clips, then slid the first two clips together, then moved to the 3rd clip and repeated the process, then 4th clip, etc. Not only does this require 100+ operations, it is a lot more difficult in CS3 because the program allows clips to overlap on the timeline, such that you must be very careful when you manually butt up the clips. Premiere 6.5 wouldn't allow clips to overlap, so you could just ram the clips next to one another. If there isn't an automatic way to compress the clips together in CS3, then is there a way to prevent the overlap from being allowed?