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    Why do most productions want avid/fcp? Are they asking to fail?

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      Ive taken the time to extensively try out the different versions of avid, as well as the latest FCP, and am left perplexed at why almost every production wants their editor to use them. I havent run into stability or functionality issues with avid(s), but the user interface is horrendously unintuitive and the whole thing lacking features, which means that your editor will do less, slower. FCP, dont get me started, yes it looks identical to premiere, but ive never run across a more frustrating, unstable, poorly supported, incompatible steve jobs C@#% up your @#$ experience than when i was made to work on one of these machines.

      Am i missing something here? Premiere has functionality and stability way above that of either program, and ive never run into chroma shifting or finding that my capture scratch files were modified by my NLE (thank you apple). Maybe someone can clarify whats so terrible about premiere that makes every other system the choice of productions that demand their editor not use his own tools?
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          Well, there's a lot of old-and-in-the-way mentality at work in some locations. Some of these old guys (some of them, not necessarily all or even most) worked Avids when that's all there was. They have this "well, if it was good enough for me, it's good enough for you" thought running through their minds. Also, they might not be willing to admit that Avid has lost their way. Or, they just flat aren't comfortable learning something new (old dog new tricks...you know, it explains the archaic interface). Also, it's a bit of job security...if you make everyone learn one system/setup rather than accepting other options, it limits the workforce, artificially increase perceived value (supply and demand at work).

          With FCP, it's sometimes the whole Mac superiority complex that says "PC bad, Mac good." Other times it's a perception that since it's Apple, it's cutting edge...if it has the Apple logo then it must be the best of its kind available.

          And in some cases (I would contend that this is not the majority, especially in regards to Avid) it's just a matter of people choosing to work in the system that best fits their needs, the one they like best.

          In all cases, most places don't want to deal with the hassle of learning, maintaining and interfacing multiple systems. So it makes sense to choose a platform and say "no" to the competitive offering. What's really irksome - and I think is mostly your point - is that most of the Avid and FCP folks out there don't really reevaluate their NLE every few years, and therefore they fail to recognize the massive strides taken by Adobe in the last couple of releases of the production suite.

          That's my take, anyway.
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            The increasing demand that an editor be a jack of all trades seems to accompany the influx of pennyless bottom feeding productions. I've started to notice that alot of productions expect the editor to work for free, apparently they see post production as sitting on computer and playing games. The ones that do pay expect you to be their *****, oh what a world we live in.
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              I am so with you on this one, I have been learning Avid in college now as it's all they teach on and I got some time to work on FCP and cant stand either of them. I also don't understand why most people dislike Premiere...and yet they still use After Effects and Photoshop...

              I did a little Vlog about this subject for anyone who is interested