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    What export method for iDVD?

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      Apologies if this is posted elsewhere, but if it is I can't find it.

      I need to use iDVD to author a DVD using a PPro CS3 project. "Why don't you use Encore?" I hear you say. Don't ask. Encore is not an option and I have to submit the DVD to the client today.

      My project is PAL HDV 1440x1080i. iDVD does not import MPEG1 or MPEG2, and when I try to export a Quicktime movie using the Media Encoder the quality is consistently terrible. I tried exporting to Microsoft AVI, but it is incredibly slow (estimated time 4 hours for an 8-minute project doesn't sound right).

      Please can someone point me in the right direction for correct export settings for a high-quality Quicktime or AVI movie which I can import into iDVD.