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    Need LCD Monitor Help

      Hello all,

      We've setup an editing suite and the final element needed is a flatscreen tv/monitor for the client and/or future clients to view their production.

      Can anyone recommend the type of tv/monitor to use for client viewing?

      They will be sitting about 10-12 feet from the monitor and it will be mounted on the wall about 5-6 feet above the floor.

      We have do some HD, but most of the work for our clients is SD.

      I've viewed a number of LCD monitors and they have that "soft & pixely" display. It seems as though my 14" Sony CRT displays a better cleaner picture as far as SD is concerned.

      Sorry if this was the wrong place to post, but it seemed like this would be the best place.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          You're in a fix. The best displays are still good old CRTs. If you were only working in SD, I'd say go that route. But, the buying sheep (er, I mean public) have decided they want the highly inferior flat screen LCDs, so no one's really making affordable HD CRTs anymore.

          So you're either stuck with an inferior HD/SD picture, or you buy two displays, an inferior one for HD (LCD) and a better one for SD (CRT).