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    cs3 captures mp3 by default  ?

      The strangest thing just happened.
      I've been using cs3 for years and capturing hd home footage from my hc3 sony.
      Now, as soon as I hit the record button to capture, the file type comes up and states "capturing untitled clip.mp3" ??
      When saved, the file is named as a mp3 clip also.
      It plays as a mpeg with video software after renaming.
      I cannot find anywhere where I can nominate the type of file cs3 captures?
      I have captured the same footage with ulead movie and it captures as the correct mpeg.
      To my knowledge I've done nothing to cause this since last used the application.
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          just another detail with this problem.
          the saved mp3 (that I've checked regards it's properties) is actually the correct mpeg2 hd file.
          PPCS3 however will not import it or come up automatically after capture in the project window ready to import into the timeline/project.
          I must manually fine the location of the supposed mp3, rename it to mpeg and then import into cs3 and all is fine??