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    Red frames when exported to encore

      Not sure if this is an encore or a premiere pro problem

      I am trying to create a blu ray disc from a video shot in HDV.

      I have captured and edited my video in premiere pro and it looks great but I am having problems getting it on to a blu ray disc. I am using premiere pro CS3.

      If I export to encore or use the adobe media encoder I end up with a few clips being affected by being replaced with bright red frames.

      Now I have tried this on two projects and its always the same clips which are affected

      so I have started a new project gone back to the source footage and captured just a clip which was affected and tried to encode that single clip with the same results it gets corrupted into red frames.

      The clip plays perfectly well in premiere pro and can be exported back to tape without any problems ...so what is going on
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Please provide these details to help us help you.


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            Jeff Bellune Level 5
            The red frames indicate corrupted frames that will eventually cause the audio to go out of sync.

            They are red to warn you of the corruption so that you can do whatever it is you need to do to get uncorrupted video into your project.
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              Thanks for responding Jeff.

              Its hard to know what has corrupted the frames as sometimes after encoding i get some completely red frames and some whith a little of what should be there showing through.

              It happens consistantly on two clips that I have been using in different projects.

              so as I said before I have created a new project gone back to the original and recaptured those two clips into my new project and tried to encode them in several different ways but all fail to encode properly.

              This is a Pal Project recorded captured and edited in HDV

              I used the MPEG2 settings and frame size of 1440X1080.

              I first used the default setting for 1440x1080 quality high, with a default qualty of 4 and then increased the quality to 5 without improving things.

              Ive tried reducing the target bit rate from the default to 20, still the same.

              Ive tried using CBR instead of VBR 2 pass. still no difference.

              My machine is a Dual Quadcore Xeon processors. with 4 GB of ram and a Matrox RTX2 card. both my video hard discs have around 50% free.

              I really am struggling to know what is wrong.
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                BTW every thing works fine in standard def.
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                  SFL46 Level 3
                  The red screen is likely caused by dropouts on the videotape. Hence they probably occurred during recording or playback in the camera. This being the case, nothing you can do in PPro (short of razoring the red frames) to restore.

                  In HDV, the compression algorithm uses one full frame and then a series of partial frames (showing only pixels that changed). If in HDV, the full frame wasn't recorded correctly, then the next several partial frames (typically 15) cannot be decompressed--yielding a 1/2 second image drop.

                  Although SD DV is compressed, each frame is full and such drops will be only 1/29.97 seconds--much less visible