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    Upgrade from Aspect HD4 to Aspect HD5 for CS3??

      Must we do this $149 upgrade to go from CF Aspect HD4.whatever to 5 to use it in CS3? What specific benefit is to be had? It isn't very clear on the Cineform website, only saying v5 supports CS3, but PPro CS3 and AE CS3 both seem to be working fine for me with Aspect HD 4.

      Hoping someone here has done the upgrade and has some feedback on the specific benefits of doing so.


      AMD XP64 6000+
      2GB Dual channel RAM
      A bunch of SATA HDs
      GeForce 8600GT PCIe 16x

      HDV from Canon HV20
      Mostly using PPro and AE CS3
      Win XP Pro SP2+