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    Text Animation in Premiere

      This has probably been brought up in the past, but I want to know because I haven't found any good topics about it.

      I would really like to animate tracking upon my text titles within adobe premiere cs3. Now, I know you can do this easily in After Effects- But sometimes it's a little more pain in the butt to do it by going back to AE to just do something really simple with a title that permiere should have the capability to do.

      I know there must be a decent plugin out there that will just allow animating of text tracking somewhere. I really think that adobe should impliment this into premiere. (I know Vegas Video, Final Cut Pro, and Avid are able to do it-- but I'm a premiere guy and something simple like animating text parameters would be GREAT!)

      OR MAYBE, there is a way to animate TRACKING for text titles and I just have not figured it out yet. Who knows.

      If anyone has a comment or can help me out, post away.