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    Where to place the LFE track in 5.1 panner

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      Trying to use Premiere to do Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound using 6 seperate mono tracks. There is a tutorial on the Adobe site but it glosses over some important details, especially where on earth do you place the LFE sub-woofer track in the audio mixer panner panel? Is it in the middle or does it not matter?

      Come on Adobe produce a more detailed tutorial on this is required as the forums are full of people confused about it. And also be mroe upfront that Preimere does not produce pure Dolby 5.1 without you having to buy a license for $285!

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          You cannot "pan" the LFE because it is omni-directional. You can only control the amount of LFE using the "bass clef" control in the mixer.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            As Eddie points out, the LFE is omni-directional and, as such, can be placed where you wish, with little to no directional info.

            The PremiereProPedia has a good 5.1 SS tutorial. If you have not seen that, I highly recommend it.

            The licensing fee from Dolby Labs accounts for almost all of the cost of the SurCode plug-in. Yes, Adobe could make mention that one only gets X (3 in previous versions) trials, before having to pay.

            One thing to note is that Minnetonka offers a "special" price on the SurCode, if ordered from within Premiere. The difference used to be US$50, vs buying directly from their site. Considering what Dolby charges for the license, it's a deal. Before you buy from the site directly, watch for a pop-up from within Premiere, when you go to Export X+1 times (probably still 4), and follow THAT link for a savings.