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    Any way to change default clip effect drop-down?

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      Probably a silly and trivial question, but I haven't been able to find anything on this either here, in the help files or on the Wiki.

      I frequently have projects where I need to adjust the speed on hundreds of clips. And as I've read here that Time Remapping is better than simply using the Speed/duration fly-out on the clips on the timeline, for each and every clip I have to change the default clip effect drop-down on the clip from Opacity:Opacity to Time Remapping:Speed. I then use the rubber band to adjust.

      I haven't been able to find a way to change the default rubber band to Speed rather than Opacity. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or if there's a better way to do this? Granted, it's only a couple of mouse clicks, but they begin to add up....

      Using CS3.