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    Exporting Screen Captured Movie

      Hi - I am a total newbie at this and basically got tasked with it at work because I know how to edit audio (some how they assume if you know how to edit audio then of course you can figure out how to edit video).

      I have Adobe Premier Pro CS3. I am recording 30-60 min presentations using the Epiphan VGA2USB device. This device captures the VGA output of one computer and allows you to record that signal as a video file (.avi) on a second computer. I have been able to record very usable video using the capture software you can download from their website. This software allows you to specify a codec to use to compress the video(you can also record uncompressed but that takes of significant amounts of space and did not seem to yield that much better video). I have been using either the ffvfw MPEG-4 codec or the Indeo 5.10 codec. Both produce viewable videos at a 1024x768 resolution. The frame rate seems to hover around 10-15fps (it goes us when nothing on the screen is moving and drops as more elements on the screen move).

      My issue arises when I import the video recorded into Premier and add sound (even when I import uncompressed video). I am using a custom project set at a resolution of 1024x768 and 29.97 fps.

      I have tried more export compression options that I can even explain here and every time i end up with a worse video than I started with (I tried importing five different video recorded with different codecs and exported that sample combined video with most of the codecs available in Premier). The only time I got video that was slightly useable (though not great) was when I did the screen capture using the Indeo 5.10 codec, imported it into Premier, added sound and then exported it as a Quicktime movie using the MPEG-4 codec. And even then, the video was worse than what I started with.

      Basically, my goal is to be able to record presentations made at different meetings and then match that screen capture up with the audio and finally export it in a web-streamable format. As you can tell, I have been kind of casting around in the dark here. If anyone has suggestions or a recommendation of a place to look on line for tips on how to create web video from 1024x768 MPEG-4 video please let me know!