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    Workflow tips for preserving disk space??

      I'm curious as to what, if anything, you can do to preserve online disk space for a video project. Let's say I take 30 minutes of video footage but I only end up using 5 minutes of it. It seems a waste to keep 30 minutes of captured footage on disk when you're only going to use 5 minutes of it. The only way I can think of to reduce the disk space would be to edit the original file in adobe premiere, export the edited version into a smaller .avi or .mpeg file, re-import the smaller file into adobe premiere and use that smaller file on the timeline. The original footage could then be moved to less expensive archival storage. My concern would be a degradation of quality due to the multiple renders.

      I'm using ridiculous amounts of disk space for simple projects like a video compilation of my daughter's soccer team. I've got about ten 30 minute video files that I'm using roughly 10 minutes of for the end project.

      Any advice? I don't have the cash to buy some huge disk tower (plus I couldn't back it up anyway). Using a NAS device for archival storage is fine but trying to use it for video editing and rendering is waaaaay to slow.