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    Clip transitions framerate?

      Hi there

      Whenever I add a transition between two cilps on my timeline, the framerate goes right down until the entire transition has finished, then it goes all smooth again.

      Is this right? I don't believe it's a computer thing, since I have a pretty decent PC (Quad core and 8800gtx GPU). The strange thing is though, sometimes during rare times it does transition smoothly, but those times are far and few between. When I export it, will it still have these transition issues, or will it be fixed. And how do I fix it whilst still making the movie?

      Thanks guys.
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          shooternz Level 6
          Are you rendering the transition?

          Hit the enter key after ensuring the work area bar covers the "work area"
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            Level 1
            Sorry I'm new to this program, what do you mean by work area? I clicked on a random transition in my timeline, pressed enter, and now it's rendering video previews. What's that? Sorry.
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              RTFM and STFW. Then look at some tutorials.
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                On the time "ruler" at the upper section of the Timeline, there is a bar - the Work Area Bar, or WAB. You possibly cannot see it, if you are zoomed in at all, as its little ends extend beyond the view that you have. Hit the \ key to zoom out, and look at the very top of the Timeline. There is a grey bar, with downward-facing end-caps, and a little square with vertical bars right in the middle. You drag the end-caps to set the WAB to the area that you wish to Render/Export. The manual (PDF or printed) will have a clear picture of this WAB with details images of how it can be manipulated, plus a lot more info, than I've given you - good reading. If you are working with a Transition, just drag the end-caps of each end of the WAB to be over the Transition and then hit Enter to Render just that section. There will be a red line above much/all of your Timeline. It will turn green over your Transition, once Rendered. Now, play and watch that your Transition is smooth.

                Hint: when you're done, and want the WAB to now extend the entire length of the Timeline, just dbl-click on that little square with the vertical lines - it's always in the middle of the WAB, and then the WAB will extend. If you have adjusted the WAB, be a little careful when you go to Export your entire Sequence. Make sure that you are Exporting the Entire Sequence, and that the Work Area Bar is not checked in Export, or you'll only get that section of your Timeline.