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    Premiere CS3 crash

      Hi all,

      First I'm french, so excuse me for my poor english ; i hope you can help me solve my trouble anyway. :)

      I'm running Adobe Production Premium on a Windows XP 64 based workstation. As XP 64 has a virtual 32 bits layer, I could install and run each software with no trouble, except Premiere Pro and Encore (which seems like connected to Premiere).

      I know that CS3 products are not designed to run on 64bits systems, and that support is not provided by Adobe on 64bits systems, but they advised me to post on this forum by phone ; so y try :)

      When I launch Premiere Pro, there is a window that asks if I want to create a new project or open an old one. As soon as I click on "New Project" and give details about it, Premiere Pro crashes. It seems like it crashes when loading the timeline or something like that.

      Windows log files say that ntdll.dll crashed, but I couldn't find any link between these 2 troubles.

      I really hope that someone will manage to help me.

      Kind regards,

      Raphael, France
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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          >As soon as I click on "New Project" and give details about it, Premiere Pro crashes.

          Try this:

          Go to your "My Documents" folder and find the Adobe\Premiere Pro\3.0\Layouts folder. Move it to your Desktop. Be sure to move it, not copy it. Do the same thing for the Archived Layouts folder.

          Launch Premiere Pro again. It will build new layouts for you.

          If that fixes the crash, then delete the folders on your desktop. You will have to rebuild any custom workspaces that you had.

          If it doesn't fix the crash, then put the folders on your back where they came from so you don't lose any of your custom workspaces.
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            Level 1
            Hi Jeff, and great thanks for your help.

            "Unfortunatly", I won't be able to tell you if it solves the problem or not :(.

            I first tryed to repair Premiere Pro from the CD, and nothing worked anymore after the reparation (even After Effects).

            So I finally fully uninstalled then reinstalled Production Premium Suite, and everything goes right now.

            Thanks again for your help,

            Raphael, France
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              Jeff Bellune Level 5
              Glad you got it fixed, Raphael. :)
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                I just tried the "Move Layouts and ArchivedLayouts" suggestion which

                Thanks for the suggestion.