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    A different type of question about exporting without losing quality


      How can I edit a video in PP and export it without losing any quality? I'm talking about 24p video, with pulldown removed (Cineform format), shot with Canon HV30.
      For example, I imported an AVI compressed with Cineform and modified it's speed for a fast-motion video. Afterwards, I exported it using these settings: File type - Microsoft AVI, Compressor - Cineform HD Codec (with the same settings as with the original AVI), frame size - the same, Frame rate - 23.976fps, Aspect Ratio - 1.333, Recompress - disabled, Bit Depth - Maximum, Fields - No fields (prog scan), Optimize Stills.
      The AVI resulted, at frame to frame comparison, is lower in quality compared to the original video. And I don't understand why. Isn't there an option like Stream Copy in VirtualDub?
      I edit in the project preset for Canon 24p from the Adobe site.

      I'd characterise the inferior quality as a little more blurry and less detailed.

      Here are two frames from a video, for a comparison: