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    Flash menu component

      i created an application and it has a menu bar at the top of the stage it also has a loader component below it.
      i need the loader to load an swf when an item is selected from the menu.

      Does anybody know how to code this.

      I am using the following code:

      import mx.controls.Menu;
      import mx.controls.MenuBar;
      var my_mb:MenuBar;
      // menu 1
      var my_menu = my_mb.addMenu("Home");
      my_menu.addMenuItem({label:"Go Home", instanceName:"Home"});
      // menu 2
      var my_menu:Menu = my_mb.addMenu("Bands");
      my_menu.addMenuItem({label:"Band Directory", instanceName:"Band_Directory"});

      //Create listener object.
      var mbListener:Object = new Object();
      mbListener.change = function(evt_obj:Object) {
      var menuItem_obj:Object = evt_obj.menuItem;
      switch (menuItem_obj.attributes.instanceName) {
      case "Home" :
      case "Band_Directory" :
      //Add listener.
      my_menu.addEventListener("change", mbListener);

      Thanks for any help
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          you should try for example something like


          var changeListener = new Object();
          changeListener.change = function(event) {


          this listener make the movie go to the frame that has the same label as the instanceName atribute in Menu.