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    Just when  you think you know..

      New to the HD side of PPCS3, was using 2.0 with SD camera for quite awhile and trying to replicate what I did on that side.
      We have an opening avi that we embed in each video. In the SD side it filled the screen, looks sharp and crisp. That avi, obviously doesn't work in the HD side, 16:9. So recreated graphic by changing size to 1920x1080 and imported it to a new project. Did the movement and transitions and such and looks great in the editor. As soon as I export to AVI and try to use it in a new 16:9 HD project it's really small and doesn't fill the screen like it did on the post side.

      I'm NOT a graphic artist, but can fudge my way around Photoshop Elements or even use a graphic from one of our staff that knows what they are doing. The problem doesn't seem to be the actual graphic but the way it's exporting (I think). I changed all the settings for the .avi (Movie) export but no luck. I've run out of hair and ideas.. Advice? comments? ideas?