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    Playback stops when I select an item in Premiere or Taskswap

      I recently rebuilt my Video Editing pc and upgraded to CS3.
      I have an extremely annoying situation when I play my project back in PP and I select for example the Info Tab that is sitting behind the History Tab within Premiere, the playback stops. It also happens if I Multi Task / Task Swap by viewing say an open folder or adjusting the volume on my soundcard settings.
      I think it's because Premiere 'Loses Focus' but I cant find any information regarding this. I would be grateful if anyone can confirm if this is normal. I dont think PP 1.5 was like that.

      (Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz)
      (3GB of Ram)
      (80 GB SATA local drive CS3 Program)
      (Project and Scratch discs on Server)

      Appreciate any feedback,
      thanks Graeme