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    Startup with Premiere Pro CS3 - few questions

    lanstrad Level 1

      I am totally newbie to video editing (and to ADOBE CS programs).

      To introduce, here's my setup.

      New camcorder (Canon VIXIA HV30, HDV format, miniDV) - still in the owner manual for very basic things...
      Premiere Pro CS3 (soon CS4 as entitled to upgrade)
      Vista x64 Home Premium
      Core 2 Duo 1.86 Ghz, 4GB RAM
      Firewire card

      I just started to fool around with CS3 and with this camcorder, doing some tests (I use the mini DV HD tapes).

      When I capture to Premiere, here are some of the annoying things happening :

      1) instead of viewing in real time what is happening, I get a multilingual screen saying that tape is being captured... (very very useful !!...)

      2) when I playback the scene, I see edges of things kind of blinking white - just the edges - some sort of what I would call 'distortion' but maybe it's not the right term... Is this just a matter of not having a high-end video card and then, I should not worry: the editing I would do would not appear on a DVD or a published video ? Or, am I doing something wrong ? (last but not least: does it have to do with the camera ? - although I do not see this when watching on the camera side viewer.)

      3) This camera can shoot 30p, 24p, hi-def (but HDV format - not AVCHD): what should be the setup to choose :
      - on the camera ?
      - when I launch Premiere and am prompted with a window to choose format?

      Let's start with these basic questions...

      Thanks in advance,
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          1.) You *may* have problems with CS3 and 64-bit OS. CS4 is optimized to work with (though it is still a 32-bit app) 64-bit OS. Things *should* be better. CS3 works beautifully with 64-bit OS for some. Others are not so lucky.

          2.) With the Capture of HDV, you will not get real-time Capture preview - nature of the beast.

          3.) Can you post a tiny amount of this footage, or a still cap to show what it looks like?

          Good luck,