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    HELP!!! want to import mxf files stored on a XHD into a PP CS3

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      hi everybody,

      can somebody help me out, this is the system i use: HP pc dual core, 3,54 gb ddr, windows xp service pack 3 and adobe premiere pro cs3

      i've found a lot of info bout importing p2 cards footage. I got somebody to help me out, cuz at first i didn't notice the button on the left side of the panasonic to be recognized as a 1394 device.

      as i mentioned i got somebody to help me out, but that person has a MAC computer and via his MAC, he helped me store the footage via p2 content management system directly on my external hard drive,without going through a FCP

      right now i have a bunch of MXF files mixed, so i have a lot to sort out. that's no biggie but what need to know right now


      i understand that I need to convert it..can you tell me with what program i can convert the files (pls an affordable one and or reasonable quality)

      and to what file extension i need to convert the mxf files? to .mov or something else?

      cuz the footage consists of video, audio, proxy elements. when i want to convert do i just select the video footage or do i have to add the right audio with the right video footage first before inputting in a converter program?

      i know a lot of questions...so i hope you can help. MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

      tnx in advance