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    Export to encore - quality not high

      So here's what i'm doing:

      I need to burn a widescreen DVD to be played on some HDTVs on a Pioneer DVD player at a school I work for. I made a 1920 x 1080 lower thirds news holder to be placed at the bottom and will be inserting text and sometimes an occasional 4:3 video to be plopped in the middle (don't care too much about the quality of those tbh, I want the text and news holder to be high quality).

      I imported the PSD file directly from photoshop - i've tried working in a standard 720 x 480 widescreen NTSC environment and burning - I get a few problems - when I export to encore (8mb/s, highest quality) the video comes out blurred - not nice and sharp (even when I tested it on a sony ps3). On this pioneer, it comes out squashed (the top and bottom both have black), but on my HD at home with the ps3, its fits fine but is blurry and not sharp at all like a regular DVD is.

      What can I do here? I know other people have had issues with rendering quality. Is there an issue with rendering mpegs? Any advise or troubleshooting steps?

      thanks so much!


      PS, ive tried also working on a 1080i environment and downscaling to DVD size when buring, but all the DVD players get "unreadable format or out of limits - the PS3 just says it cant read PAL even though I specified NTSC when burning.