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    Getting Video to Sync

      I have 2 consumer camcorders. A Sony DCR-TRV260 (Digital 8) and DCR-TRV27 (Mini DV).

      I frequently have to record an event with both, and then come back and edit using Adobe Premiere Pro.

      When I record, the Digital 8 camcorder is stationary on a stand and the Mini DV is mobile. The Digital 8 records the entire event and I use the Mini DV to capture some close ups and different angles. The problem I am having is trying to sync everything up when I get back to Adobe Premiere.

      I know there is something called time code and SMPTE, but Im not sure if that is what I need to accomplish what I need to do. If I am missing something, I would greatly appreciate any help, suggestions or links.

      Thanks in advance!