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    Adobe low on system memory error: Lost Project

      Im working in a larger HD project in CS3 on a 2.67 Intel Duo PC. My RAM is 2 Gig. I have a RAID drive with 2.0 TB. The project is about 700 Gig and there is enough storage capacity on both drives.

      Everything was working fine, Ive broken the project into several sequences & have been saving each day as a new file name. Today I had some slowness, then a crash. Rebooting I recieved the error that Adobe is running on low memory, save my fileetc. Too late- I cant reopen and resave. The last project will open then freeze before I can resave. I can open the former project (a days worth of work loss) and it works fine. I cleaned up programs running in the background and optimized memory use in Adobe. I saved the file, rebooted, tried to start the last project, it opens but the final sequence is blank it the program freezes. I would really like to get the sequence back. Part of the problem could be I left the project with several sequences opn.

      Any ideas on how to reopen and save the last project?? Possibly delink some of the assets?

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          Matt Petersen Level 3
          Try starting a new project and importing (a copy of) the one that crashes.

          There is also something on the wiki about how to clean up a project file that gets corrupted (the project file is just an XML file that can be opened in wordpad or whatever). sorry I can't remember the exact location!

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            Fighting Sticks Level 2
            Optimise your system:-

            then take a close look at the Autosave function. You might find what you've lost has been backed up by the Autosave. Not a guarantee but worth checking.
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              Sharksaver Level 1
              Thanks for your responses!,
              I was able to open the project as suggested in a new file- Ive run a defrag, optimized memory, turned off background programs and dumped a about 700 Gigs of images onto another drive. It works! The old project is corrupted but I was able to export the sequence I needed as an uncompressed file and reimport into the new project. Voila!

              thanks for your advice.- .
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                Miles Johnston Level 1
                Best to export a copy and all AVIs you have to an extrenal drive every so often, and then unplug that drive.

                Check the space you have on your edit drive, and you may be using too much in RAM, which can slow the system down, but having unnecessary processes running.

                Render complex effects/sections with a lot of data, and export as an AVI. Then import to your project, so that its got as few things as needed to hold up in the air. Export these earlier complex edits to your extrenal drive, so if need to change anything you can do it, but simply re-creating the rqeuired AVI, and re-import to your higher project.
                make sure you have as unecessary programmes running. Gwet rid of most of the crap that PCs often get bogged down in.
                Keep your system clear of garbage and concentrate on video edit system files you need.

                Rome wasn't built in a day, so dont feel you have to do all the complex effects and whole project all in one go.
                Build your project over various sub projectrs, and export copies off the system,.

                UNPLUG your system from the internet.
                A lot of edit systems now communicate to external servers, telling them what you are doing.
                This especially happens when you ingest files from HDD Camercorders.
                These external serfvers can crash your system very easily.
                Just lost a days work due to this. AND all the saved versions of my project.