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    corrupted project

      I'm working in a project in Premiere CS3 that crashed several times, until the file became damaged and I could not open it anymore. I then opened an earlier version in the Auto-Save folder, but it still continued to crash, and now Premiere freezes every time I try to work with this project. I have a Matrox RTX2 LE card. When I created the original project, I had not installed the Matrox already. Later, with the Matrox installed, I opened a new project using Matrox settings, and then I imported the old project to it. The problem occurs when I try to work with the old project without using Matrox and with the new one using Matrox. I think something is corrupted inside the project and I cannot figure out what's happening. Can anyone help me?
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          Fighting Sticks Level 2
          It can be hard but sometimes loosing work to corruption is just something that you have a suck up. It's happened to me and I did lose a good amount of work but at least I did have a functional backup to rely on, so although I took the hit not all was lost. Iv'e found that keeping your system optimised for PPro is a real help with controlling the freeze and I even go so far as to reinstall Windows and the CS3 as a means of keeping those nasty freezes at bay.