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    .MP4 usage in CS3 (PP)

      I searched the forums but came up with nothing...... I downloaded some videos from Youtube but they were MP4 and do not work on PP, only the audio transfered to pp. Is there somthing I need to do to convert the videos or what should I do so that they will work.
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          FAQ:How do I convert my files?


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            Ok, this worked great using the avidemux application!

            Here's my question now:

            We are converting MPEG4's from Youtube to .AVI. It SEEMS there is some quality loss while doing this as the video imports as what appears to be a compressed file.

            For those familiar with the settings in avidemux, what needs to be changed to avoid quality being lost? FYI, I tried keeping the ratio 1:1 and also "as input" but the video is still compressed.

            Thanks for the guidance here! We followed the instructions on the links provided to a "t."

            P.S. What exactly is cartoon mode?
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              Ruud Blauw Level 1
              If you are using Avidemux there seems to be limited selection of codecs: Video Codecs Available in Avidemux for encoding .

              From the codecs available I would suggest to try the Huffyuv codec. It will create large files, but as it uses lossless compression you will get the best possible quality.
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                Thank you for the info Ruud...

                I am having trouble finding where this particular codec is so that we can select it for use. Suggestions?
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                  Ruud Blauw Level 1
                  If the Huffyuv codec doesn't come with Avidemux (I don't know anything about Avidemux other than the info I found on its site) then you can download it from Huffyuv v2.1.1 .
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                    We are making progess. I downloaded the huffy program but cannot get this step to work:
                    To install Huffyuv, right click on huffyuv.inf and select "Install."

                    Seems obvious, but when I right click I get no such option as it apears to function just as a text file.
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                      Ruud Blauw Level 1
                      My guess is that you are trying this on the compressed folder (.zip). You have to extract the files first. Then you will get an "Install" option when right-clicking on the .inf file.

                      To extract all the files and folders from a compressed folder, use the Extraction Wizard. To use the Extraction Wizard, follow these steps:
                      1. Double-click the compressed folder to open it. The Extract all files command appears in the Folder Tasks list.
                      2. Click Extract all files to start the Extraction Wizard, and then click Next to start the extraction process.
                      3. When you are prompted to select a location to put the extracted files, select a location, and then click Next. By default, Show extracted files is selected.
                      4. Click Finish to view the extracted files.
                      Note The original, compressed files still remain in the compressed folder after you run the Extraction Wizard.