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    Importing files into Premiere Pro from DVD

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      Using the CS3 Version of Premiere Pro...

      Ok on my DVD recorder I have a load of recorded programs, I'm now trying to import them on to my computer and then edit them on Premiere Pro. Now I can't even play these files, well I can't seem to play any videos from DVDs. (I think I need to download something in able for me to do it, that's a different issue but if anyone could help me with that I would be grateful too. The message that comes up for it is "Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. You might need to adjust your Windows display settings. Open display settings in Control Panel, and then try lowering your screen resolution and color quality settings".)

      Okay anyway to the real issue, these files are not able to be imported into Premiere Pro as they are not the right format.

      Ok on the disc it has two folders, "VIDEO_RM" & "VIDEO_TS".

      In the "VIDEO_RM" folder, they are all under the same name as the folder but one is a BUP file, one is a IFO file and the other a DAT file. The DAT file is the one that is the biggest size, the other two being 32kb.

      In the "VIDEO_TS" folder, there is a "VIDEO_TS" BUP file, a "VIDEO_TS" IFO file, a "VIDEO_TS" VOB file, a "VTS_01_0" BUP file, a "VTS_01_0" IFO file, a "VTS_01_1" VOB file, a "VTS_01_2" VOB file and a "VTS_01_3" VOB file. The VOB files are the bigger files.

      Ok if you aren't lost by now or haven't given up on me, what do I do now? I can't get these into my Premiere Pro project, I've heard stuff saying I need to convert it but all these convertion programs are complicated or I need to pay to be able to convert it or convert it with some text over it.

      Is there a way of importing these files into Premiere Pro through a different method than normal, or do I have to convert them? If so does anyone reccomend any programs.

      I'll appreciate any help and feedback given. I've been trying to work this out for the last few months trying to create a project for my Dad for Christmas but only now I've plucked up the courage to ask.


      Andrew Mountier