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    Hi can anybody help me with a little export problem?

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      How you guys doin?

      Im finally done with the edit of a music video clip. Now I want to export it to quicktime movie with mpeg 4 compression, the audio settings are set to: none interleave
      the clips are shot at: 720p in projectsettings 25 fps

      there's a little snag when it's been exported:

      the audio at first seems nice in sync, then suddenly you the images going like 5 frames to 10 frames slower then the audio and after that it seems nice again...i'm a bit confused

      in the edit i'm hundred procent sure everything is in sync, so i guess it's an export problem...CAN ANYBODY HELP ME? ...tnx in advance

      extra info:
      I need the .mov file to add some fx in adobe after fx and then i'll want to export it to a youtube playable file and a dvd playable file

      help is greatly appreciated...tnx again!