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    CS3 - Audio missing only in timeline (but not in bins)

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      I recent worked on a project that needs some re-edits. However, in the timeline, the audio is missing but in the project bin, the clips play fine (in the prview monitor).

      The timeline does have all my edits, including my custome levels... just the waveform is blank so I am guessing that Premiere dump teh audio in teh timeline.

      Is there a way to reload the clip in the timeline while keeping my audio levels?

      I did reset the prefs, did reboots, etc... I am using Windows Vista 64bit, Premiere Pro CS3. I am usuing a Dual Xeons (4 cores total) with 8Gbs of ram. As far as I can tell, I have the latest drivers, updates, but just some bad luck I guess...

      Any help is appreciated.