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    Copied files from Vista Machine to use on XP Machine . . *Hmmm

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      Not going so well.
      I've decided to downgrade back to XP because of the endless problems I'm having with CS3 that we won't get into here.

      I have copied the file for my PPro project (182 GB) on a removable NTFS drive and I'm checking if it copied properly by opening the project on my XP Machine.


      1. I now have to manually 'find' every item/clip in my 42 minute movie ???

      2. Though finding all these clips manually went well for the first 30 or so, now I'm getting a message:
      The selected file cannot be linked because it's type (video) does not match the original type (audio and video)

      Disturbing to me, as they are the same clips . . .

      What to do? what to do?
      Any help would be . . . helpful
      Thank you