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    Give a checkbox a variable name.

      I am using a Flash form to add/edit records in an MS Access Database via ASP. It's working great for all of the text fields, because I just refer to the variable names in my ASP script and it updates the corresponding field in the Access database. However, I have a checkbox (yes/no) field in my database which I can't seem to update using a checkbox in a Flash form. I assume that if I could assign the checkbox in the Flash Form a variable name and then make checked = -1 and unchecked = 0 (as it does in Access), then I'd be in the money.

      So in short, does anybody know how to do the following in Actionscript 2:

      a) Give a checkbox a variable name (like the one a Text Input field can be given in "Properties")
      b) Make checked = -1 and unchecked = 0 for the checkbox in Flash?

      Thanks so much!!!