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    MPEG does not play audio in PP CS3

      I have an XP Pro Intel core2 quad 2.66, 3gb ram, 1TB raid 0 system. I am using the HD SoundMax card that came with my ASUS Striker II Extreme MB. I have captured about 7 HDV 1080i clips from the Canon HV20. 2 of the 7 do not play audio in PP CS3. I have tried to re-capture many times with same result. The audio and video for these two mpegs play back fine when I use Media Player or VLC or watch in the preview of bridge, but in PP there is no audio. I have tried un-installing using the clean utility and reinstalling all my adobe software, removing all un-needed items from startup, as well as maximizing the buffer ASIO audio hardware settings. I just tried again to capture some of the clips that played audio previously and now they too are not playing audio after capture. I just have done something to screw this up.

      Adobe support is running out of suggestions. Thoughts?
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          I have another update. I uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere Pro CS3 again, created a new project and then imported my previously captured HDV clips. If I import 1 clip (any one I tried them all) , I get perfect play back including the audio. As soon as I import another clip, the audio goes quiet. These clips are about 12gb in size. Is this a limitation of PP CS3? If so, not sure how I will be able to combine these clips to make a movie.
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            I seemed to have resolved my issue. The key was to only import 1 mpeg clip at a time when they are this large. Also, you have to wait 5-10 minutes for PP CS3 to finish conforming/indexing the files. Then you are ok to continue. I think my issues were related to importing 7 10 GB clips at once and I did not wait for all the indexing to finish.

            If anyone has any suggestions how to improve the indexing time in CS3, please let me know. It does not seem to tax the CPU (~15%) so I am thinking this is a memory or disk drive issue but I could not get a clear answer from Adobe support.